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Disconnect. Experience. Reconnect.


Healing The World, One Heart At a Time

Sometimes, we lose ourselves so deeply in our daily activities that we forget about our spirits, our souls and lose control over our energy.

We believe that every once in a while, each and everyone of us should escape the concrete jungle of the city that confines our minds and return to our origins, to experience the healing power of nature.

Open your heart, quiet your mind, unleash your spirit, and join our next Shamanic Retreat.


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About Us

Our retreats are meticulously crafted to guide you through deep introspection, revealing experiences, and spiritual ceremonies led by authentic shamans. Join us in this sacred space where the harmony of mind, body, and spirit is restored, paving the way for self-discovery and a purposeful life.


Plant Medicine Retreat at Samsara Centre

Our all-inclusive retreats span 10 days and cover accommodation, ceremonies, meals, drinks, transfers, and more. Immerse yourself in various teachings, workshops, and meditation sessions, complemented by onsite talks, sharing circles, and integration sessions.

Peru 20-30 April 2024


Ayahuasca Tolemac Luxury Retreat at Solymar

Zanzibar July 2024

The intimate group size of 15-25 guests ensures individualized attention from our dedicated healers during each ceremony. Dive into various teachings, workshops, and meditation sessions, complemented by on-site integration workshops and sharing circles.

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Step into the enchanting world of Circle of Light Retreats through our captivating gallery. Each image tells a story of profound moments, sacred ceremonies, and the mesmerizing beauty of nature that serves as our backdrop.

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