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About Us

About Us: Nurturing Growth and Connection in Sacred Spaces

Experiencing spiritual trips with plant medicines in ceremonies can truly help you heal and remember your truest essence. It can help you find again the balance you have lost or you have never even had and reach a point where you can feel your soul,  heart and mind all aligned for your greatest purpose.

The CIRCLE OF LIGHT retreats revolve around the Ayahuasca ceremony, sought out by spiritual seekers for its visionary properties, as well as for its ability to treat various conditions of the mind, body and spirit. By eliminating all material objects which only serve caprices and by keeping the bare minimum, you can create the ideal environment to discover yourself, to hear your soul telling you what it needs in order to connect with the mind.

The process will bring you face to face with your fears and your shadow, all in the name of your freedom, it will prepare you to acknowledge your thoughts and get in touch with your soul so you can truly live your highest timeline and lastly, it will help you find new paths to the ultimate goal of reconnecting with yourself.


Healing the world, one heart at a time.

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